About Au Pair Bureau HELDER

About Au Pair Bureau HELDER

Au Pair Bureau HELDER is set up by Mingming Ye- Zwartveld. It is seen as a Dutch ‘boutique’ au pair agency because of our quality of service, attention to detail and our size. It is small enough to care and big enough to leverage.  We speak both languages, literally and figuratively. As parents of multicultural and bilingual children and insiders to Chinese and Dutch cultures, we have experience with both cultures.  HELDER is the perfect liaison for making arrangements and connections between au pairs and families.

HELDER devotes to providing affordable, flexible and reliable in-home child care in the form of cultural exchange. Together with our Chinese - speaking au pairs, we work to ensure children will grow, play and learn in a trusted and safe environment.

  1. Behind HELDERBehind HELDER
    Au pair bureau HELDER has a multicultural team who is committed to connect host families with Chinese speaking au pairs.... Read more >

  2. Why choose Au pair bureau HELDERWhy HELDER
    We would like to show you some most important reasons why Au Pair Bureau HELDER is the right liaison for host family to have. Read more >

  3. Au Pair Bureau HELDER and project HOPEHELDER and HOPE
    Au pair bureau HELDER is supporter of project HOPE to improve education in rural areas of China. Work with au pair bureau... Read more >

  4. Contact us
    Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us by filling the contact form or send us an email to... Read more >