Veel gestelde vragen van au pairs

Veel gestelde vragen van au pairs

Hieronder vindt je een lijst met veel gestelde vragen voor de "Au Pair" (klik op de vraag om jouw antwoord te krijgen):

1. Wat is het verschil tussen nanny en au pair?

Au pair belongs to part of a culture exchange program. It is not an employee of a family, but will be taken as a member of the host family. Share responsibilities and have own space and full privacy. Their main purpose is to experience. Experience the culture and language. However, the au pair program is to be considered as “working experience”. Nanny is an employee of the family. His or Her main responsibility is to take care of the children while arrange the household depends on their job description. Their purpose is to work. Most of them have qualifications are certified for childcare.

2. Waarom moeten au pairs helpen met huishoudelijke taken?

It is considered “division of functions and responsibility sharing”. Everyone in the family contributes to the family life. Even the 5 years old. One of the function of the parents is to work to support the family financially and one of the function of the au pair is to help the host parents to take care of the younger children in the family.

3. Wat als er een conflict is met het gastgezin?

Au pair bureau HELDER encourage open, direct and honest communication. If there is a conflict, the best policy is to talk about it with the host parents and try to solve it first. Conflict is part of life’s experience and we learn from it. If it does not help, you can always call us. One of our role is mediator. We will provide our objective opinion.

4. Wat als één of beide partijen besluiten het contract voortijdig te beëindigen?

Sometimes it does happen that things don’t work no matter how hard we try. In that case, au pair bureau will take her role as caregiver of the program seriously. We will handle everything professionally including finding alternatives and round up administratively so that the au pair can return safely to their home country.

5. Wat is de verplichting van het gastgezin om de culturele uitwisseling te bevorderen?

The host family will pay for the orientation traning,  mandarin lessons and cultural activities. In addition the host family will inclue au pair into their family occasions such as family gatherings, parties and sometimes holidays.  At least one of the family members speaks English to facilitate the communication.