Au pair worden of verder studieren

au pair or study abroad

We understand that becoming au pair and choose to continue your study abroad, e.g. study your master is complete different choices. However we just want to compare them purely as two experiences. One does not exclude the other. We will take a look at them in two aspects: cost and security.

A. Cost *

+ €340 /month

Au pair program

Accommodation: 0 €/month  
Food: 0 €/month
Insurance: 0 €/month
Energy bill: 0 €/month
Pocket money: + €340/month
Transport:  Bicycle provided.  

Live in a Dutch household, has Dutch network. Immerse in authentic Dutch environment. Up to EUR 350 compensation for language course per year.   

Dutch people are very friendly and are genuinely interested in other cultures. They love to communicate with their au pair. In the mean time they would love to expose their kids to Chinese language and culture.    

- €1200 /month

Studying abroad

Accommodation: -500 €/month  
Food: -200 €/month
Insurance: -50 €/month
Energy bill: -100 €/month
Pocket money: -  €250/month
Transport:  - €100/month

Chinese students normally stay in their comfort zone and interact mainly with fellow Chinese students. Busy study schedule leaves no time for students to study or improve their language.       

Chinese students devote their time to studying. They do not have much chance to socialise with the locals let alone networking.       

* Comparison above is a well-informed estimation

B. Security

1) Protected by law

Au pair program is an official program which is under strict provision of both Dutch immigration law and Dutch Immigration Labour law. Dutch bureau of Immigration is the official organization which supervise this program. Thus guarantees the lawful nature of this program and its security.

2) Strictly screened host families

All the host families are strictly screened by Au Pair Bureau HELDER. They are requested to provide official “declaration of good behaviour” from the municipal government. In addition to screening on their economical situation and previous experience with au pair program.

3) Host family as guardian

Host family will act as guardian and they will guide and support the au pair. They are the safety net for the coming one year.

4) Support and guidance from HELDER

Au pair bureau HELDER provide 24 hour free service for our au pairs for the whole program year. You can always count on our help. We are the safety back end for our au pairs.

5) Official institutions to secure au pair rights

In the Netherlands, there are different institutions which are there to protect the rights of au pairs. From IND (Dutch bureau of Immigration), to different organizations that supervise work of au pair bureaus. There is even a toll free telephone number form the Dutch government for au pairs in the Netherlands.

6) Well insured program year

All host family will provide special au pair insurance including third party liability insurance to cover matters that are not covered in the compulsory Dutch Basic Health Insurance.