FAQs van het gastgezin

FAQs van het gastgezin

Below you find a list with frequently asked questions from host families.
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1. What are the rules regarding working hours of the au pair?

An au pair may not work longer than 8 hours a day, and not longer than 30 hours a week. Besides that the au pair has at least two free days per week. These two days must be weekend once a month.

2. What is the pocket money?

The au pair has the right to receive 300 to 340 euros per month from t he host family. At HELDER,  all au pairs receive 340 euros of pocket money per month.

3. Are there any demands regarding my income?

Yes, the host family must have sufficient financial capacity to host an au pair. You must demonstrate that your salary is independent, sustainable (min. 1 year) and sufficient. The IND has established the required amounts.

4. Are the costs compensated by the government?

No, an au pair is a cultural exchange programme and not a recognized type of child care. For that reason you cannot deduct the costs as child care.

5. Can the au pair stay for more than a year?

No, the residence permit is only valid for 1 year. Also, all au pairs have a one year return ticket and should return to their homeland within one year. 

6. What must be done when the au pair departs earlier?

Sometimes the au pairs quit the au pair programme earlier to go home due to personal/privacy reasons. Hereby the decision must be made with the host family, meaning they have to come to an agreement together. The same procedure must be followed as with a normal departure of an au pair after 1 year.

7. Who pays the flight ticket?

At HELDER, we advise that the ticket cost will be covered by the au pair. The reason is we believe au pair needs to also take part of responsibility and make certain investment for this program year. However, the host family could always propose to share the cost as a kind gesture.

8. Who is responsible for the health insurance of the au pair?

The host family is responsible for taking out a health insurance and paying the premium. This should be handled before arrival. After registration you automatically receive information about the ISIS Au Pair insurance, which is specifically made for au pairs in The Netherlands.

9. Do I get standard house rules?

U receive the house rules via email from Au pair bureau HELDER. We advise you to discuss these rules with your au pair and to alter them to your situation.

10. What do I do when my au pair continuously violates the house rules?

We advise you to talk to her and to make her clear that there are rules she has to live by. When the cooperation really does not work, see mismatch. 

11. What happens if there’s no connection with the au pair?

Despite the thoughtful selection and guidance of Au Pair Bureau HELDER it may occur that there’s no connection between the host family and the au pair. Au Pair Bureau HELDER is never responsible/liable in these cases. We guide the host family as well as the au pair with the placement of a new au pair and a new host family. 
We will not refund your money if there is no connection between you and the au pair. You will get one month to receive a free mediation. The money for the flight etc. will not be refunded as well. 

12. How long will the au pair receive pay for holidays?

The au pair has the right to two weeks of paid holidays. Holidays are agreed on upon negotiation with the host family. The two weeks of holidays take place after at least 4 months of stay at the host family’s place.

13. Do au pairs get a day off on a holiday?

An au pair participates in a cultural exchange program, not a working program. The participation in the daily activities is primarily the motivation of stay, part of that is that the au pair becomes part of the host family. If the host family planned something for that day and the au pair is being counted on, then there’s no reason for the au pair to not be with the host family that day. 
A public holiday, the same as a weekend day, should therefore be filled in by the au pairs if there is reason to do so, after all, some families also have to work just like people in health care, catering, drivers, etc. 
Note: King’s Day is of course a special day where an au pair should have the opportunity to celebrate this day with us. This can be done in a family setting but also with friends. 
Always discuss the national holidays in advance so that the au pair knows what is expected of her. It is very nice to celebrate December 5 is with the au pair, Christmas (if the family does not go on holiday). If one does not celebrate Easter and / or Pentecost and has a long weekend free itself, then it of course is a great opportunity for the au pair to use these days to explore the Netherlands or a neighbouring country for a few days. Make good agreements with each other and tell what is expected.

14. What does the au pair do in his/her free time?

An au pair has the right to two free days per week and one free weekend per month. The au pair will use this free time to follow a course, meet new people and to e.g. exercise.