Waarom wordt je au pair

Waarom wordt je au pair

Au pair program is one of the biggest and most successful international exchange program. This traditional program has a history of almost 100 years and is very popular in Europe and America. It is the best way for the youth to live, study and travel. According to IAPA, there are around hundreds of thousands family around the world which host au pairs.

Au pair is a young person who lives in a host family in a foreign country to experience the foreign culture and learn the language. Au pair means “Equal”. Au pairs are not employees of the host family, but a member of the family, an older brother or sister to the younger children. You will help the host parents to take care of the younger kids and do light housework. In return for your help, you will receive full board and lodging, your own private room and fix amount of money. There will be other benefits such as museum card and language courses. We can think of enough reason to consider becoming an au pair.  Among others:

1. A gap year to gain experience in an open, friendly and foreign culture
Experience is treasure. Experience built in the au pair program has been accepted and highly appreciated as “experience abroad”. It demonstrate quality of hardworking, courageous and responsible. Or what is called “Grit”. It will definitely add to your competitive edge for your future work and study.

2. A year to travel around Europe, study or improve a foreign language almost free of charge (*see cost
 During this one year adventure, au pair will not only experience foreign culture, but also give chance for the foreign family to expose to the wonderful Chinese culture and language. Au pair will acquire new knowledge, get acquainted with new people and maybe harvest life –long friendship.

3. “Upgrade” yourself 
Being an au pair, you will need to take care of yourself. You will also need to help your host parents to take care of younger kids and arranging households. Many youngsters nowadays have not had this experience. It will be one unique experience for you to train and improve yourself. Your Grit. Your perseverance, hardiness, resilience, conscientiousness or need for achievement. However you consider fit. And you might discover a better version of yourself.  

4. Lower language requirement, lowest cost of going abroad and highest chance of visa approval
There is much lower language requirement to get visa for Au pair program, much highest change of getting visa approval. As this is a cultural exchange program. There is minimum cost comparing to other options such as studying abroad. Below please find the cost comparison .