Au pair programma conditiie

Au pair programma conditiie

Rule of thumb: Open mind and open communication.  

It is essential to realize the extra person you will have under the same roof speaks another language, comes from another culture and has other habits. The au pair will need to be considered as every other family member but she or he will have to accustom to another culture and routine. Proper and clear guidance instructions are of most importance. After all, it is a cultural exchange program. We are convinced that with open and truthful communication, the right guidance and a bit of patience,  you and your au pair will benefit from this program, enjoy this journey together and maybe harvest life – long friendship.

Program conditions

Official program conditions

  • Age of candidates: between 18-31 years
  • Program duration: maximum 1 year 
  • Working hours: 30 hours a week, maximum 8 hours a day
  • Off – time:  minimum 2 free days per week 
  • Holiday: Minimum 2 weeks payed holiday (for stay duration of one year) 
  • Pocket money: Maximum EUR 340 
  • Accommodation: One separate room 
  • Food and lodge cost:  fully covered by host family 
  • Language course: Dutch or English (host family will cover certain cost) 
  • Basic insurance: covered by host family 
  • Health insurance: covered by au pair (subsidized by the Dutch government) 
  • Au pair visa and staying permit: covered by the hoist family 

Host family requirements:

  • Family composition: two person with sufficient and sustainable financial resource
  • Family income: 150% of the gross minimum income 
  • Family should be able to provide au pair their own room