Why a Chinese-speaking au pair

Why a Chinese-speaking au pair

Our service is in great demand. Driving the need is the desire from ambitious parents to ensure their children’s worldliness. Some say China’s expanding influence is already pushing Mandarin into a world language of choice. We believe it is safe to say, "exposure to Mandarin as a world language will certainly add a competitive edge to our children’s future."

Reasons to become a host family may be cultural or economical or maybe just practical. Hosting a Chinese-speaking au pair can be a very good option to consider and definitely a worthwhile investment to make for your family situation. Please call us or contact us right now. Let us help you and your children to discover the joy of cultral exchange! 

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Fastest growing foreign language in the Netherlands

Guess what is the fastest growing foreign language taught in public school in the Netherlands? Yes! Chinese or to be more specific: Mandarin. In 2018, 170 VWO students took the Chinese language final exam.

About 70 schools in the Netherlands provide Chinese lessons. Nuffic (Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education) is expecting an increase in the coming years. Children from ‘Plusklassen’ take Chinese lessons as extra challenge.